Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Community Services

Crime Prevention

The Big Spring Police Department is not only dedicated to catching the criminals after a crime has occurred, it is also dedicated to educating the public in how to help prevent crime as well.  In the Department’s effort to assist the public, it offers a variety of services.

Home Insurance Inspections

The service can provide homeowners with up to a 20% reduction in their home insurance premiums if the home passes an inspection.  The Department has several officers that are certified crime prevention inspectors that can come to your house by request and perform the inspection.

If your home is not equipped with an alarm, the inspector can check the exterior doors, windows, and locks.  If the home passes the inspection, the homeowner can receive a 5% reduction in their insurance premiums.

A home that is equipped with an alarm is entitled to received an additional 15% in premium reductions if the home is able to pass the doors and windows section (above) and an alarm that meets the specifications set by the Texas State Board of Insurance.

This service is provided free of charge.

Security Surveys

The Big Spring Police Department has several crime prevention specialists that can, upon request, come to a home or a business and conduct a survey of the existing security of the home or business.  The officer(s) will do a detailed survey and suggest ways to improve the existing security of the home/business.  There is no accompanying insurance reduction with this service, but it will provide you with ideas to help reduce the opportunity for a criminal to attack your home/business.  No fee is charged for this service.

Informative Talks

Upon request the Department can send an officer to a group meeting to talk about crime prevention issues such as personal safety, rape/robbery prevention, drugs, etc..

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a self-help community crime prevention program with the main objective being to reduce crime by involving citizens in their communities.  It also hinges on the basic crime prevention concept of prevention of reducing the opportunity for crimes to occur through education.  Neighborhood Watch is not designed to substitute police, but to supplement police activities by providing extra eyes, ears, and caring.

When neighbors know each other personally, they are more aware of each other’s habits and routines.  This awareness makes them knowledgeable of peculiarities and unusual event, such as strange cars or persons in the neighborhood.  When neighbors know one another, they are more willing to get involved in reporting crime because it is more personal.

When neighbors work together with the police, one of the best crime fighting teams around is created.  Be a watchful and attentive neighbor and make your community safer from criminals by starting a Neighborhood Watch program in you neighborhood.  Remember that the battle against crime will not be won by people (or police) acting alone.

If Citizens become involved, they can be a tremendous asset to police and make an impact in their community.

Phone:   432-264-2570
E-Mail:  Lt. Phil Whitten