Monday, July 28, 2014


Media Release 7/14/14

It appears that the driver began to fall asleep and a 16 year old female in the front passenger seat grabbed the steering wheel as the vehicle was veering toward the curb. The vehicle then went out of control, went sideways and began to roll. At this point the victim was ejected from the vehicle. The victim was in the back seat. A fourth person was also in the back seat and was identified as 18 year old Charles Green, also of Big Spring. The victim was air lifted to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa where she was pronounced dead. The other three occupants of the vehicle were taken by ambulance to Scenic Mountain Medical Center with non-incapacitating injuries. At the time of the accident none of the occupants were wearing seat belts. As of this report no charges are pending.

Sgt.. Tony Everett
Lt. Brian Gordon
Chief Chad Williams

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