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Media Release 8/20/14


During the past week Big Spring has experienced several robberies. The Police Department would like to make the citizens aware of these crimes in hopes that the information will help prevent further crimes of this type.

On 08-16-2014 at approx. 3:21 am, Officers responded to the 7-11 store at 2310 Wasson in reference to an assault victim. On arrival officers learned that a robbery had taken place in the parking lot. A 32 year old female and a friend had come out of the store and were getting in their vehicle. As she shut the drivers door it was suddenly jerked open and a male subject demanded her money. When she told him she had none the suspect struck her in the face twice with an unknown object. It appears that the suspect had been sitting in a vehicle as his female companion was in the store. as the suspect was at the victims car the female came out and told him "Come on, lets go". The suspect and the female entered a small white 4 door vehicle (possibly a Honda) and left the scene. The male subject was described as Hispanic, 5'9" to 6'0" tall, medium build with a buzz haircut. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and black pants. The female did enter the store and video of her was obtained and is being posted on Big Spring Howard County Crimestoppers Facebook page. We encourage everyone to view the video and help identify this female.

On 08-16-2014 at approx. 10:00 pm, in an unrelated incident, Officers responded to 14th and Young St. in reference to another robbery. On arrival officers contacted a 20 year old male subject who advised that he was walking home on Young street and as he reached 14th a male subject was walking toward him. The male asked him for money and the victim said he had none and the male walked off the same direction the victim was walking. The suspect then turned, pulling a handgun from his pocket and pointed it at the victim and told him to empty his pockets and drop all his property on the ground. The victim did as he was told and the suspect told him to run away to the north and the victim did just that. This suspect was described as a white male, 5'9" to 6'0" tall, 20 to 30 years old. He was built scrawny, wearing a white tank type undershirt and blue jeans.

In another unrelated case a robbery was reported on 08-15-2014 at the 7-11 at 1701 E. FM. 700. This case is being presented because this started out as a beer theft. The clerk, a 30 year old female, saw the suspect take beer from the cooler and run out the door. A 53 year old male subject was coming in the store and was shoved out of the way by the suspect. The clerk asked the male to see if he could get a license plate number and the male followed after the suspect and as he was attempting to obtain the license number the suspect ran toward him and kicked him in the knee, injuring him, and then fled in a gray, 4 door dodge. The suspect committed a misdemeanor theft. Under Texas law if you commit a theft and during the course of the theft or flight from the theft, you cause injury to anyone the charge can be robbery. The injured person in this case was a citizen attempting to help.

         These cases were used to illustrate that even during the most normal part of a persons day they can suddenly become the victim of a violent crime. We would like to give the public some tips to protect themselves and to keep them from becoming victims.


*When you stop at any store always be aware of you surroundings. Look before you get out of your vehicle and again before you exit the store. Have your keys ready and lock the doors once in your vehicle.

* For women, if you take a purse in do not set it down anywhere. Keep constant control of you purse and or wallet. So many thefts happen when purses are left in shopping carts with the victim just a few feet away.

* Once at your vehicle, loading your purchases do not set your purse on top of the vehicle secure it inside or in the trunk. Again keep looking around and know what's happening around you.

* Many people like to shop late at night or early in the morning when the stores are not busy. In this case park as close as you can to the doors of the store and where there is more light, and pay attention to people sitting in their vehicles. They could be waiting on someone they brought to shop or they could be watching for a victim.

* If you are someone who likes to walk at night for whatever reason, stick to neighborhoods you know. Have an escape plan if you are approached by a stranger. If you see someone walking your direction, change your route if possible.

* Always carry your cell phone and have it handy at all times.

* If you see anything happening think of your safety first. Contact Police and do not try to intervene unless you have no choice. Be attentive to details such as suspect description, vehicle description etc. ALWAYS THINK OF YOUR SAFETY FIRST.

The Police Department would also like to remind everyone again that home burglaries are a problem in all cities. You may not be able to prevent them but with your help Police may be able to recover stolen property. Take photos of your valuables, all of them and record all serial numbers and keep these images somewhere other than your phone or home computer. This has helped in numerous cases to get stolen property back to its owner. We also encourage everyone to report anything suspicious. Please keep up with us on Big Spring Howard County Crimestoppers on Facebook at You, as citizens, are the most important crime fighting tool the Police have.

Chief Chad Williams
Lt. Brian Gordon
Sgt. Tony Everett

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